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  • Painting on 'Leaves'

For ten years the school buildings have been exposed to the North-Wester wind, the driving rain and the summer heat. It was showing in the webs of fine cracks, the faded paint, the sagging gutters.

Please note: the challenge ends on 28 February

Hello again

It is wonderful to see the great work that Zaan Cilliers and her dedicated team at Pikkewyntjies are doing to make this school a most extraordinary environment for the children of the region. We in the surrounding communities are fortunate to have this. The school serves the financially neediest families in the region, and without Pikkewyntjies, these 38 children would be left without the educational support that they need. They have the privilege of a nurturing environment, teaching them appropriate skills, values and behaviours to prepare them for junior school.

  • Christmas Lunch

R5 000 was raised at the Music Evening for school uniforms for each of the five Pikkewyntjies going to Grade 1 next year.

We would like to thank the musicians and the dancer who donated their magical performances, the patrons who made an enthusiastic audience and everyone present who contributed to making the evening such a success.