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  • Mooi Uitsig Clean-Up

Mooi Uitsig is a pretty village with neat brick houses some of which have carefully-tended gardens. Many of the houses are dirty and neglected with piles of junk lying outside, weeds and long grass pushing through the gaps. Litter spoils the village, plastic bottles, straws, sweet papers, glass and Styrofoam trays are dropped where the user finishes with the contents. For some reason there is always a need to break the glass and smash it into smithereens.

  • The Cows

A little while ago the older children in Juffrou Zaan’s class listened to a story about animals on a farm, a duck and a goat and a pig and a cow. The children did various activities around the story and one of them was to choose the animal they liked most in the story and draw it.

  • Let’s go even bigger!

Zaan Cilliers and her dedicated team are doing an amazing job at Pikkewyntjies to make this school a most extraordinary environment for the children. We in the surrounding communities are so fortunate to have this. The school serves the financially neediest families in the region, and without Pikkewyntjies, these children would be left without the educational support that they need. The pictures below are some of the latest crop of Pikkewyntjies stars on their way to grade one. They have had the privilege of a nurturing environment, teaching them important skills, values and behaviours to prepare them for junior school.