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  • View of henhouse & playground

We hear a lot - every day - about South Africans showing disrespect and cruelty to other South Africans without a qualm of conscience. It makes misleading news because from where I’m standing most of us aren’t like that. We see that at Pikkewyntijes all the time.

  • PK The Playground

Pikkewyntjies is a happy place with a staff dedicated to preparing their small charges for the world of school, confident and prepared so they find their feet quickly and enjoy it and do well.


Some of the 2 or 3 year olds who start school at Pikkewyntjies have eaten only a small variety of foods in their lives so if there is something on their plates at lunchtime which they have never seen before, they tend to look at it suspiciously. When they see their friends tucking in they find the courage to have a taste and when they discover it’s good all is well.