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  • Pizza Day at Pikkewyntjies

When we were asked to do something nice for someone instead of giving a present to family who are celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary, we suggested a pizza morning to Zaan and our cook, Louise. They were both enthusiastic because pizzas are a hot favourite for lunch and the kids only have them on high days and holidays because they can’t be made with lentils and soy mince. Money has been extra tight at school this year because despite the community’s help, many parents as well as the children needed help with food during lockdown.

  • When schools were closed again

After the worst of the hunger crisis during lockdown was over, the school continued with food preparation for the children and the staff had their hands full preparing the school for re-opening under covid conditions.

  • The Masketeers

Like Batman, we’re all wearing masks right now– except those of us who simply don’t have the means to procure them.

There are thoughtful people in the world though who have masks themselves but worry about those who don’t. People like this don’t just wring their hands they give their ingenuity and their time to get masks to the maskless.