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  • Congratulations

At the end of the school year, groups of ex-Pikkewyntjies visit to show their reports and certificates to Zaan and the teachers. It’s a joy for the staff who have nurtured and taught these children as if they were their own, to admire the evidence of their hard work and dedication and when the older kids come too, there’s the added satisfaction that the Pikkewyntjies’s philosophy endures and fosters a work ethic and a drive to make the most of opportunities.

  • Last Day of School 2020

As the usual end-of-school-year-functions could not be held in December, Juffrou Zaan and the staff organised a Fun Day at the school instead.

First, after a Christmas message and a song, the seven graduates were presented with their certificates. It is a proud moment when they stand side-by-side with their certificates, skills-ready for school.

  • Arts and Crafts

The Cape Education Department sets high standards for Early Childhood Development Schools and there isn’t a lot of time set aside for Arts and Crafts. These activities are always possible in the school holidays though when the children can choose how they would like to spend the day. Zaan says it always surprises her a little how much they ​ all ​ enjoy it.