Penguinkidz School

School Hours

The school is open all year around except for a break between 15/12 – 9/1 at year end.
Each day Zaan leaves home around 6:30 in the Toyota Hiace donated by Lotto to fetch the children who live too far from the school to walk.
Officially the day starts at 08:00 and ends at 3:30 when she drives them home.

All the children are given breakfast, a teatime sandwich and fruit and a hot lunch. It wasn’t always necessary to feed them but the teachers noticed more and more of the children coming to school were listless and unable to concentrate and realised it was because they were hungry.

School History

In 2007 a warm-hearted woman who saw the need obtained permission to start a play group in the community hall for the little children of this impoverished village.

On play school days the children were waiting from early morning and their pleasure in the activities spurred her and fellow volunteers to approach the municipality about building a school in order to give the children all the benefits of Early Childhood Education.

In 2009 a two-classroom brick school equipped with toilets and a kitchen was built and today Pikkewyntjies caters for 40 ‘forgotten’ children from Mooi Uitsig, Betty’s Bay, Pringle Bay and Rooi Els.

Transport and food are the biggest items in the budget but each is absolutely necessary.

Banking Details

First National Bank
Branch: 200412
Cheque Account No: 62147034988
A Few Of Its Stories

Zaan, our principal, Tannie Zaan to the kids, was voted Hero of the Month on Cape Talk in August. The Hangklip Mens’ Fellowship volunteered to replace boards infested with beetles in one of the wooden huts used for storage and had a few days to observe the school day and interact with the children. They were so taken with the happy atmosphere, the buzz of interest and activity and Louise’s simple good food, they nominated her for the award.

It was a richly-deserved honour for our incredibly hard working, warm-hearted and dedicated principal.

The kids have a habit of running to Tannie Zaan to tell tales of someone’s else’s naughtiness. Obviously this is something to discourage so if they come bristling with indignation to report a grievance her stock reply is to go and tell the cat. This is a blue china cat which sits haughtily on top of the book shelf.

Solemnly they lift the cat off the shelf onto the floor in front of them and tell it all their troubles. Then, restored to good humour off they go to play.

Not all the stories are happy ones. Sometimes there is a little child who struggles to learn and for whom reading and writing and arithmetic will always be very difficult to master. This is because the child’s mother drank excessively while she was pregnant or because the child wasn’t nourished in the early months of development. The preschool offers such a child patient coaching and love and builds confidence through mastery of other skills.

Since this is such a small community it is happily possible for the preschool to provide ongoing support and encouragement for such a child after hours and in the holidays.

Next Project

As the graduates of the preschool move through school they get more homework, that requires internet access. They can miss the school bus to work in the library in Kleinmond and hitch a ride home OR take the bus and skip the homework.

Invariably they choose the latter, begin to do less well at school, enjoy it less and hang around in the afternoons bored and dispirited and coming into contact with adults in their home village who don’t scruple to sell them alcohol and tik.

The principal of the preschool has seen this and the need to provide facilities for homework and study where they will also, importantly get the support and encouragement not always forthcoming at home and recreational options.

The Aftercare, which will also be open all year around will help keep approximately 45 teenagers in school annually until they matriculate at age 17.