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First National Bank
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Anyone can apply for a card. It costs you nothing and you don't have to collect it, it will be sent to you.

Every time you swipe the card at Woolworths, engen, loot.co.za Waltons/Bidvest or FLIGHT CENTRE it puts money in the school's coffers.

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NOTE when asked to choose a beneficiary type in penguin and Pikkewyntjies / Penguinkidz Preshool will appear on the screen the rest will follow automatically. If you need help please contact us

Transport and food are the biggest items in the budget but each is absolutely necessary.

Next Project

As the graduates of the preschool move through school they get more homework, that requires internet access. They can miss the school bus to work in the library in Kleinmond and hitch a ride home OR take the bus and skip the homework.

Invariably they choose the latter, begin to do less well at school, enjoy it less and hang around in the afternoons bored and dispirited and coming into contact with adults in their home village who don’t scruple to sell them alcohol and tik.

The principal of the preschool has seen this and the need to provide facilities for homework and study where they will also, importantly get the support and encouragement not always forthcoming at home and recreational options.

The Aftercare, which will also be open all year around will help keep approximately 45 teenagers in school annually until they matriculate at age 17.