About Us

This is who we are


Zaan Principal & Teacher

Zaan is passisonate about the school and the kids and her goal is to make up at school for what their homes lack. Not all the children come from dysfunctional homes but too many of them do and Zaan is determined to do her utmost to ensure it doesn’t disadvantage them.

Christen Teacher

Christen teaches the 2 – 4 year olds which also includes toilet training and inculcating hygienic habits like washing hands and brushing teeth. With her warm kindness she manages her class of little souls. The tranquil, contented atmosphere in her classroom while they go about their tasks gives way to giggles and much activity when it’s dance time to music.
Genevieve Carolus

Genevieve Carolus Assistant

Genevieve has been appointed as a teacher assistant. She too is enrolled at Boland College and is Zaan's right hand man in the Senior Class. Not all the children in the class are in their pre-school year so two teachers in the classroom works best.

Louise Cook

The fifth member of staff is the stalwart who cooks, cleans and stands in whatever the emergency. Louise is truly remarkable in being able to provide sustaining, tasty food the children love while using basic ingredients seasoned with a couple of tins of pilchards or soya mince, spices, a sprinkling of cheese and fresh herbs grown in the garden.