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  • Amazing Gift from Benita

We got a phone call one morning from a lady who said her name was Benita Schwartz. She went on to say that she had planned to open a school for disabled children, that it hadn’t happened and she had all the equipment, unused.

I was still in the dark as to why she had phoned but the light soon broke and with it renewed gratitude for the way South Africans in every walk of life help those in need where they can and with such quiet kindness.

She told me she had been looking for a school she thought would value a donation of equipment, that she came upon Pikkewyntjies and decided she would like us to have it. ‘It’ included items like classroom furniture, educational games, all brand new, playground equipment including a trampoline and an additional gift of vitamins to boost the children’s immune systems before the winter.

It was difficult to find the words to thank her so she would know how much the gift means to the school management team and to the children. There was even a small trampoline in the gift - none of our children has ever seen a trampoline and when they find out what one does with it, won’t they be happy?

The dynamic Chairlady of the Board and her very supportive husband made the trip to Cape Town on the Saturday– to save Zaan, our Principal the journey and the school the cost of the petrol and brought back the 12-seater bus and a trailer packed to capacity.

On the Monday, the children were allowed time to explore the games and puzzles, probably the first time they had opened new boxes and sorted untouched pieces.

It was as if the classroom around them didn’t exist, they were in another world among discoveries and challenges they had never encountered. We wish Benita had been there to see but we do have a photo Zaan took.

Everyone at Pikkewyntjies thanks Benita with all their hearts for adding so richly to the school’s resources. She has done a wonderful thing for our children.


We have two more thank you’s because without 1) forgood and 2) Jalil of DevOps Business this would never have happened.

Forgood connects NPO’s and lovely people willing to give their time to help them. That’s how we met Jalil who volunteered to design and maintain our website and also sends the links for our facebook page. Thanks to them Benita found Pikkewyntjies.