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  • Dr Klaas Visser Donation

Every year Dr Klaas Visser, a retired dentist visits Pikkewyntjies Preschool.

Thanks to Dr Visser every child in the school has a tooth brush and tooth paste and knows how to use them. The school ensures that teeth brushing is part of every day like washing hands before meals.

When Dr Visser visits it’s Christmas in July and he’s Father Christmas with a sack of new toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste for each child.

It’s very exciting to get new colourful toothbrushes and the children are eager to use them as soon as they have had lunch. With clean teeth all round, probably more thoroughly cleaned than usual, they proudly hang up their new brushes for next time.

It would be very difficult for the school to carry out a dental hygiene programme without Dr Visser and his experience and support and we hope we have conveyed to him how much he is valued by a grateful principal and her staff.