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  • Clover Donation

This year for the second year in succession, Clover made a generous donation of their products to our school. When we applied this year we didn’t really expect to be fortunate again because Clover is very generous to a number of schools running feeding schemes. How thrilled we were when we heard we were to receive a hamper!

As before, the organisation of delivery was faultless and a friend of the school drove to Cape Town airport to collect Clover’s gift to our boys and girls. Without delay it was loaded into his car and when it was carried into the school the kids couldn’t believe what they saw. They knew nothing about the donation and were very quiet as carton followed carton. It was a very impressive sight.

We are so grateful and appreciative of Clover’s kindness and every child who had Clover milk with his porridge on a cold winter’s morning was jolly grateful and appreciative too.