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  • Extra space at Pikkewyntjies

At last it’s happening thanks, as always, to the school’s friends. The school couldn’t do what it does without you.

Generous, warmhearted people concerned about our children and eager to support Pikkewyntjies in its mission to give them a solid start in life, have donated money for urgently needed space at the school.

A local builder has made his own extremely generous contribution in indicating he will be doing the job at cost. We are grateful also to the two workmen on site who are doing an excellent job – vir die skool.

The wall of the senior classroom which faces onto the playground has been broken down for an extension to provide:

  • A storage area for the files needed for each child now that the school is registered with the Western Cape Education Department.
  • Space for teaching aids which are currently stored in an outside shed. Fetching them and putting them back (and remembering the keys) is a real time-waster for the teachers.

The new area will also provide space for a mattress for children who come to school sick, which often happens because they can’t stay home. At the moment they lie in the passage between Juffrou Zaan’s computer desk and the door to the outside shed where people have to step over them. (Quite often those with short legs step on them.)

The extra space is going to make life so much easier and more efficient for everyone, without taking more than a metre or two off the playground.

There will be a roofwetting like no other, not only because there will only be juice and tea for the celebrations but because everyone will be so happy and feel so blessed.

Thank you and thank you to everyone who has made this possible.