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  • Christmas Lunch

R5 000 was raised at the Music Evening for school uniforms for each of the five Pikkewyntjies going to Grade 1 next year.

We would like to thank the musicians and the dancer who donated their magical performances, the patrons who made an enthusiastic audience and everyone present who contributed to making the evening such a success.

The Christmas Concert

Every second year the Nativity scene is re-enacted. This year the NG Gemeente in Betty’s Bay once again allowed us the use of their hall and stage for the concert and the caretaker came, out of the kindness of his heart on the Sunday to help us set up the sound and lighting.

The performance was charming and when the children sang Silent Night at the end, the audience joined in softly, quite spontaneously. When it was over no one wanted to be the first to move and break the spell.

After the interval, certificates were presented to the children in appreciation of the people they are and in a special little ceremony the graduates were given their farewell school packs and wished well. The teachers too received certificates, a gesture enjoyed by everyone, but in fact no certificate could thank them adequately for their care and dedication to the Pikkewyntjies in their care.

The evening closed with the presentation of bouquets to the Chair of the Board and Zaan’s right hand, Sandra Taljaard and to Gloria de Lange, her other right hand, new Manager of the school’s Second hand Shop which she has turned into a popular, profit-making business.

A Christmas Party at Pikkewyntjies

Father Christmas came to Pikkewyntjies on the last day of the children’s school year. Dressed up for the occasion he arrived at the school to distribute the gifts a very kind resident of Betty’s bay donates for every child at Christmas time.

When he had waved good bye and the children had chorused their thanks, they went outside to play with their new toys and Louise, helped by the teachers laid the tables for the Christmas lunch.

Wearing the paper hats they had made themselves they all tucked in to their roast drumsticks and delicious veggies, watched by smiling teachers.

It had been a very happy morning.

News of Pikkewyntjie Graduates

While past pupils, especially the girls, stay in touch with the school, bringing their reports to show Juffrou Zaan at the end of every term and definitely at the end of the year, there is always a little extra interest to know how the Pikkewyntjies who have just finished their first year at school have done.

The first concern is to make sure everyone has passed since some of our children suffered damage due to neglect pre-and post- birth.

The next enquiry is about the children Juffrou Zaan expected to do well. We are very proud that in 2017, in their Grade 1 year, Ethan obtained five 7’s (7 being the highest score) and one 6 and Olivia achieved six 7’s or in other words, top marks.

It’s cause for joy for everyone who supports Pikkewyntjies, the people like you who make it possible to send confident children to school knowing they can hold their own because they have the skills and the knowledge.

The new school year starts 8 January 2018


If you are on holiday in the vicinity of Betty’s Bay in January 2018 and you have left -over food when it’s time to leave, you would be doing our children such a kindness to phone or sms our principal, Zaan Cilliers to come and collect it. The only food many of our children get is the meals they eat at school and contributions in kind help so much with the food bills.

Zaan’s cell number is 073 572 8120.

Thank you from our hearts.