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  • Adventures for Love

We had a visit on 14th September from Adventures for Love, a group of ladies who visit community schools and projects and tackle a job the school needs doing and can't manage alone. They also give the kids a good time and contribute non-perishable food to the feeding scheme and, in our case items for our second hand shop.

The ' Adventure' part is that before they go home to their families they do something challenging like climbing a mountain.

Half the team gave the kids a party with balloons and bats they made out of paper plates, biscuits they iced and new painted faces of their choice, bubbles and a lunch of hot dogs and juice -in a little box. The kids had never seen such a clever container.

The rest of the team snake-proofed the playground with big rocks to pin to the ground the shade cloth we threaded through the fence in the Autumn. Adventures for Love hired two enthusiastic chaps to help and we wouldn't have coped without their muscles but all working together, so good a job was done, only birds will be joining the kids in the playground now.

It was a wonderful day for everyone thanks to a very special group of women whose brand is "give a little, change a life"