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  • Let’s go even bigger!

Zaan Cilliers and her dedicated team are doing an amazing job at Pikkewyntjies to make this school a most extraordinary environment for the children. We in the surrounding communities are so fortunate to have this. The school serves the financially neediest families in the region, and without Pikkewyntjies, these children would be left without the educational support that they need. The pictures below are some of the latest crop of Pikkewyntjies stars on their way to grade one. They have had the privilege of a nurturing environment, teaching them important skills, values and behaviours to prepare them for junior school.

 The community in Rooiels, Pringle and Betty’s Bay, actually all over South Africa and also our Overseas donors did a fantastic job raising money in 2016/7/8. My family has worked with Pikkewyntjies since 2016 to put in place an incentive-based fundraising program, where we agreed to match any funds she raised from the community. She raised a total of R50,000 in 2016 through your generosity – then R70,000 in 2017 - and last year more than R100,000!! How fabulous is that!! Thank you so much for joining us. In the last year, this money allowed the team to fix the school vehicle, upgrade the kitchen, train staff further, build the needed infrastructure and provide additional support to the children. There is even a new veggie garden! The school is looking great, thanks to this effort. Go and have a visit and see for yourselves!

We need to support these children even more to help open up opportunities that will assist each of them reach their potential and break out of the cycles of poverty that are so common. Let’s ensure that Pikkewyntjies is the premier Overberg pre-school.

Thus, we are writing to challenge you all again to join us in raising even more money for Pikkewyntjies in 2018.


Let’s go even bigger! We are willing to match any contribution from other families to the maximum R60,000 (combined total).


Thus, if your generosity pushes us to the max, we will raise a total of R120,000 for the school and the community.

This year, the money will be used to further improve the buildings and infrastructure that are needed to teach the children. The staff will receive further critical training with these funds to enhance their abilities to teach, and the children will also have the opportunity to experience more outings to places outside of the Overberg, such as museums, the aquarium, Table Mountain, etc.


Please join us in showing your appreciation to the Pikkewyntjies team, and continue a legacy project to protect and nurture these children and the community in the long term!

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