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  • The Cows

A little while ago the older children in Juffrou Zaan’s class listened to a story about animals on a farm, a duck and a goat and a pig and a cow. The children did various activities around the story and one of them was to choose the animal they liked most in the story and draw it.

Most of the children chose the smaller animals and placed them beside ponds or under trees. Two of the children decided to draw the cow. Drawing a cow is quite a challenge but the cows these two dear little children proudly showed their teachers were very strange cows indeed. One thing they didn’t however forget is the most important part of the cow. That was drawn with much enthusiasm and coloured brightly to draw all eyes to it.

When all the drawings had been admired and stars distributed, it was time for teatime sandwiches and after that it was playtime.

With the children safely out of earshot the teachers could enjoy a hearty laugh over the drawings of cows.

Juffrou Zaan thinks it’s very necessary that somehow a farm with a live cow on it must be found so the children can see what it actually looks like and how big it is.