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  • Clean Up of Mooi Uitsig

In the school holidays Juffrou Zaan decided the time had come to do something about the mess in Mooi Uitsig.

Broken chairs and mouldy mattresses and old tyres and paint tins lying among the houses, have been an eyesore for a number of years. Zaan phoned the municipality and asked them please to send a lorry to pick up all the junk and then asked the residents to do their share and carry it all to the side of the road for easy collection. Especially the ladies were delighted at the news and roped in the muscles in the village to help.  

Juffrou Zaan then invited all the Pikkewyntjie graduates to join the school at the Clean-Up and the teachers piled in too. A busy, happy morning was spent picking up all the junk one usually finds on a litter hunt and freeing bits of plastic from the bushes. The wind throws them into the branches where they flutter like flags getting tattier and tattier. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to the appearance of the place when that unsightly piece of plastic is gone.

Piles of black bags stood ready for collection by lunchtime and by then the smell of wors was in the air and the weary workers were glad to troop back to the school to wash hands and spread their rolls.

The village looked as it never has with not a piece of rubbish anywhere to be seen after the Clean–Up and it stayed that way for about twenty four hours. Then the little began to pile up again because there are no bins in Mooi Uitsig.

That’s why we’ve approached the municipality for help. They have done a site visit and suggested a solution which is much grander than any we envisaged but it depends of course as it always does on funds available.

Meanwhile the Pikkewyntjies are realising why littering, like fighting is a definite no-no and without being told they pick up rubbish clinging to the school fence when they arrive at school in the morning.

We still need bins though – even if you know not to litter it’s a big ask when you are playing and there’s nowhere to put it.