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  • Saturday Soup Kitchen

It has worried our principal Zaan and the Chairman of the Board for a very long time that as school is closed over the week ends most of the Pikkewyntjies have to ask other families for some bread to keep them going until Monday.

This winter in Betty’s Bay has been very bitter and something had to be done so Louise, our cook volunteered to make a pot of soup and vetkoek and serve it on a Sunday morning. The school would find the money to pay for the food. Genevieve, one of the assistant teachers who also lives in Mooi Uitsig, offered her time to come and help Louise serve and supervise.

The children were touchingly grateful for the hot food but their older brothers and sisters came with them and hung around the gate. It was impossible not to provide for them too so now there are 35 children getting soup one week and a plate of stew the next.

As this costs the school more than it can afford we had to look for a sponsor and a husband and wife couple in Germany have offered to pay and deposited the cost of a year’s meals. Having the money in the kitty also means the school can take advantage of ‘specials’ and save a few rand which can be spent on fruit.

They wish to remain anonymous or I would thank them here.