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  • Zaan, our never-say-die Principal has done it again.

For a very long time now she has been concerned that kids who have left Pikkewyntjies for the move up to school have nowhere to go in the afternoons where they can do their homework and have access to the internet. Some of the children also get nothing to eat after school and especially in the winter this is particularly hard on them.

It is also important that the children are happily occupied when their homework is done because there are bad influences at work in the community with exciting offers on hand that could ruin their lives.

Money as always is the stumbling block to building an After-Care but Zaan has come up with a brilliant idea – Coke bricks. These are made by stuffing litter into clean, empty coke bottles and compacting it with a stick like the handle of a wooden spoon. Once the bottle is stuffed as full as it can hold, it is amazingly heavy and when the bottles are glued together with the correct ‘podge’ they make an excellent sheltering wall. The idea is to enclose the covered stoep on the two open sides.

There is a competition among the Pikkewyntjies to see who can make the most bricks each week and there’s a wonderful prize. The two winners are taken to the coffee shop in Betty’s Bay for a hamburger and milkshake by Sandra, our fabulous Chairman of the Board. Raymond and Curtis are the hardworking collectors in the photo.