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  • PK Celebration

It wasn’t possible to have a formal celebration of Zaan’s ten years of service to Pikkewyntijes of course but Sandra made sure the day that marked the anniversary did not go unnoticed.

Many people with the best intentions could try to tackle Zaan’s job as principal of this school in Mooi Uitsig - but they couldn’t do it. You have to have the charisma, the strength and the humour of a Zaan. She has the respect of the most disreputable of reprobates in the village and the love and gratitude of the mothers and fathers who are trying to give their kids a better life than they had. As for those who ‘week end’ too much, she makes them wish they were better people.

As leader, she is the reason for the school’s high standards and its emphasis on good manners and fair play. That the children almost always learn what they live when it’s very often quite different at home, is a remarkable achievement.  

Her role officially is to manage the school and teach but unofficially – and it’s just as well she can turn her hand to just about anything – she cuts hair, paints walls, sews concert costumes, finds money when there isn’t any, draws and paints whatever posters or props are needed and is a master of ‘making do’.

She is the life blood coursing through every artery of Pikkewyntjies. It’s impossible to imagine the school without her.

Here’s to you, Juffrou Zaan and thank you, from our hearts