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The Cape Education Department sets high standards for Early Childhood Development Schools and there isn’t a lot of time set aside for Arts and Crafts. These activities are always possible in the school holidays though when the children can choose how they would like to spend the day. Zaan says it always surprises her a little how much they ​ all ​ enjoy it.

They came back to school as usual this year after New Year’s Day and were enjoying Louise’s yummy food and all the fun of painting and constructing when most unfortunately the school had to close again because some staff members found out they had been in contact with people who had tested positive for covid. Fortunately no one became seriously ill and as soon as it was safe to do so, school opened again.

The term is now in full swing. For the past eight years a Benefactor has offered an incentive-based fundraising programme, challenging Friends of the school to raise enough money to match his gift and he has offered again.

The school needs to improve infrastructure, provide critical training for the staff and install sporting equipment for the benefit of the Pikkewyntjies but also their adolescent siblings, once Pikkewyntjies themselves. For most of them the only entertainment on offer after school is dangerous mischief and there are those among their elders eager to encourage it.

It’s a bad year for collecting money when most people are strapped for cash and wish someone would collect for them. There are still some wealthy people, however. If you know someone who knows someone who does have enough money to be able to give a donation to the school, if it’s not awkward for you, please tell her/him about our vulnerable children and this chance we have to earn double the money and do twice as much for them.

The details, in case your friends aren’t already supporting an organisation:


First National Bank

Cheque Account

Branch: 200412

Account Number: 62147034988