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At the end of the school year, groups of ex-Pikkewyntjies visit to show their reports and certificates to Zaan and the teachers. It’s a joy for the staff who have nurtured and taught these children as if they were their own, to admire the evidence of their hard work and dedication and when the older kids come too, there’s the added satisfaction that the Pikkewyntjies’s philosophy endures and fosters a work ethic and a drive to make the most of opportunities.

Party packs for visits are prepared beforehand as the staff never know when the Pikkewyntjies will come or how many will come at any one time and they want to ensure the visit is warm and welcoming and memorable.  

Here are Angelique, Keanon, Maylon and Curtis. Curtis finished his first year at school in 2020 and he is clutching a R100 note because his diligence earned him 7s in every one of the learning areas. Zaan offers this gift every year to any Pikkewyntjie who puts in the hard work and dedication to achieve this.

It’s a very proud moment for them, for the school and behind the scenes, for their parents, especially their mothers, who ask Zaan how they can support their achievers.