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  • PK The Playground

Pikkewyntjies is a happy place with a staff dedicated to preparing their small charges for the world of school, confident and prepared so they find their feet quickly and enjoy it and do well.

Not only is a high standard set in the classroom but emphasis is laid on good manners and respect - for the rules, for others and for oneself. The children are taught to settle disagreements without resorting to unkindness or physical attack (as they all too often see around them) and encouraged to take time to notice beauty and to laugh a lot and have fun.

Sometimes Child Welfare asks Zaan to take in a child who has been removed from the parents and can’t be accommodated at a school. She always agrees although this places a great strain on the staff. 

Sometimes over the years, a small miracle has occurred as with a little boy whose grandmother said he was retarded. It took two years of patient, loving care but when he finally went to Grade 1 he achieved an incredible 89% in all his subjects. It just shows what affection and kindness and affirmation can do for a lonely, neglected little child who has only known fear.

It’s like feeding a starved child and watching it slowly develop health and strength and the will to live.

Please Note:

These photographs are of our own Pikkewyntjies.