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  • Pikkewyntjie Warriors

On the first Saturday of every month the Betty’s Bay Hackers spend the morning removing alien trees which threaten our fynbos with extinction. Last Saturday they attacked a forest of Myrtle which is a highly invasive Australian tree on public land not far from Mooi Uitsig village.

The sound of the chain saws attracted a group of ex-Pikkewyntjies who were very intrigued and unable to understand what was happening. When it was explained to them and they were asked whether they would like to help, they dived in most enthusiastically and contributed to the task of dragging the branches to the side of the road. There they are stacked for the municipality to collect and put through the mulching machine to sell to a Cape Town company.

The hackers took the children to their hearts because they were so enthusiastic and friendly and got stuck in, in spite of the weather. Actually, although the Hackers wouldn’t know this, they are typical Pikkewyntjies. All of them are taught the kind of values that make the world a nice place to be, and all of them learn good manners from nurturing teachers who know how much it will help them find their way as they live and grow.