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  • The Sea and it’s Creatures.

Recently Juffrou Zaan’s class explored The Sea and it’s Creatures.

Our children live within sight of the sea but most of them don’t ever visit the beach and the only time Zaan organised transport and took them down to build sandcastles and walk in the wet sand they were completely overwhelmed and clung to the adults.

Fortunately there are other means of taking the children to the sea and beneath the waves to explore the life that moves and eats there. They were fascinated by the creepy-crawlies and the clouds of fish and used their imaginations making models with play dough. There is so much written about the sea and about the people too who have had exciting adventures out at sea, story time was wonderful.

Maybe next time there’s a visit to the sea, they won’t think of tearing up the beach because they’ll want to go snorkelling