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  • PK Brushing those teeth

The Pikkewyntjies community wishes you all life’s best things in this new year. At Christmas time I was reminded of some of ‘the best things’ we have which we don’t even notice.

A South African living in Europe at the moment, said how much he misses Africa’s huge sky stretching from horizon to horizon. That and always being within reach of open spaces, even if one lives in the city

I have to say I had never thought about how lucky we are but it is a privilege to have so much space and fresh air and not least our Pikkewyntjies whose school nestles at the foot of a stately mountain overlooking the sea.

They are happy to be back at school, among old faces and new and their teachers and Tannie Louise. The Grade R’s first theme of the year is ‘My Body’ and the number 1. It’s lovely to see the little faces intent upon their work and their pride when their teachers praise them. We all know when we’ve done a good job but affirmation from others is very nice to get, isn’t it?