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As Zaan always says,

Every child is a different kind of flower And all together they make this world A Beautiful Garden

And as her staff agree,

it’s true and they see proof of it in their classrooms every day.

The best thing a school can do for its children is to encourage them to grow into the people they have the potential to be.

Even that child will soon lay his prickles as the days pass at Pikkewyntjies, filled with new experiences and small challenges in the classroom and joyful playtimes discovering the joy of rolling and running on a green lawn and testing themselves on the jungle gym and the swings and slide. 

If there does happen to be an introvert among the new Pikke who isn’t sure whether the chat and laughter is agreeable or not, Tannie Louise’s food will be the cherry of top of all the other good things, to settle the matter - and after all, there’s always the comfort of an understanding teacher if one is feeling a little overwhelmed.



That’s what makes them all flower - the Pikke to become Grade Rs, The Grade Rs to become schoolgoers - the teaching staff and the warm, caring atmosphere they create. The children value the security of routine, they glow from the encouragement they receive and their confidence grows when they are shown how to deal with failure so it makes them stronger.

Visit Pikkewyntjies, you’ll love being there - visit the Pikkies first.