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  • Aankope Skoolklere 2020

A couple of Americans have just been to the Cape to taste wine and marvel at the scenery.

They went to Gansbaai on the advice of locals that there would probably be whales to be seen from Coffee on the Rocks – and there were.

  • Zaan, our never-say-die Principal has done it again.

For a very long time now she has been concerned that kids who have left Pikkewyntjies for the move up to school have nowhere to go in the afternoons where they can do their homework and have access to the internet. Some of the children also get nothing to eat after school and especially in the winter this is particularly hard on them.

  • Tannie Christen’s class

The 2 – 4 year olds are in Tannie Christen’s class. Christen (SURNAME) has been with the school for (NUMBER OF YEARS) and is both mother and teacher to the little children in her care. Stepping into her classroom one is struck by the quiet, contentment in the room as the little ones focus on their tasks.