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  • Child Protection Week: Saturday 3 June

Child Welfare, Kleinmond, organised a march along the main road of the town on Saturday, 3 June to draw attention to Child Protection Week.


Benita a Parow resident contacted Rosemary Fowkes (who spreads the word for donations). Benita mentioned that she had a collection of educational goods she would like to donate to the school. As always Sandra and her husband Sedrick came to the rescue. They collected the goods over the weekend (which should be their leisure time). Thank you; we are truly blessed to have you on our team.

  • Amazing Gift from Benita

We got a phone call one morning from a lady who said her name was Benita Schwartz. She went on to say that she had planned to open a school for disabled children, that it hadn’t happened and she had all the equipment, unused.

I was still in the dark as to why she had phoned but the light soon broke and with it renewed gratitude for the way South Africans in every walk of life help those in need where they can and with such quiet kindness.