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  • Dr Klaas Visser Donation

Every year Dr Klaas Visser, a retired dentist visits Pikkewyntjies Preschool.

Thanks to Dr Visser every child in the school has a tooth brush and tooth paste and knows how to use them. The school ensures that teeth brushing is part of every day like washing hands before meals.

  • LIFE is like the ocean it can be calm or still, and rough or rigid but in the end it is always BEAUTIFUL


National Child Protection Week is marked annually to raise awareness for the rights of children. It aims to mobilise all sectors of society to care for and protect children. Child Protection Week allows us to shine a spotlight on children’s issues; highlight successes and identify what still needs to be done.

  • Tsogo Sun

On Friday 11 August 15 volunteers from Tsogo Sun arrived to help Pikkewyntjies with three major shade cloth tasks.

Tsogo Sun having donated the shade cloth in the first place, the team was to: