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On Friday, 11 August, 15 volunteers from Tsogo Sun arrived at the school to assist with 3 mammoth tasks. Attaching shade cloth to (1) the playground fence (to keep snakes at bay), (2) North West and South East sides of the vegetable garden for wind protection and (3) fasten into position a net cover above the veggie garden.

  • Clover Donation

This year for the second year in succession, Clover made a generous donation of their products to our school. When we applied this year we didn’t really expect to be fortunate again because Clover is very generous to a number of schools running feeding schemes. How thrilled we were when we heard we were to receive a hamper!

  • Dr Klaas Visser Donation

Every year Dr Klaas Visser, a retired dentist visits Pikkewyntjies Preschool.

Thanks to Dr Visser every child in the school has a tooth brush and tooth paste and knows how to use them. The school ensures that teeth brushing is part of every day like washing hands before meals.