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  • Let’s go even bigger!

Zaan Cilliers and her dedicated team are doing an amazing job at Pikkewyntjies to make this school a most extraordinary environment for the children. We in the surrounding communities are so fortunate to have this. The school serves the financially neediest families in the region, and without Pikkewyntjies, these children would be left without the educational support that they need. The pictures below are some of the latest crop of Pikkewyntjies stars on their way to grade one. They have had the privilege of a nurturing environment, teaching them important skills, values and behaviours to prepare them for junior school.

  • PK 2018 Graduates

This year, (as happened last year) a man who lives in these parts has put up R60 000 and issued a challenge to the rest of the community to match it. The sum total will be given to Pikkewyntjies. He doesn’t want to be known and he offers it ‘in recognition of the role the school is playing to ensure disadvantaged children start school feeling equal to every other child.


Let’s go even bigger!

As most of you know our good Samaritan has set out a challenge to us this year. This is what he asked: Thus, We are writing to challenge you all again to join us in raising even more money for Pikkewyntjies in 2018.