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Jonathan Kelsey, MD of Joekels Tea has for the second time donated a year's supply of tea for our children. In the early morning, especially in winter, a mug of hot tea is a very comforting start to the day and it is a great help to the school not to have to buy the tea. A gift like this make a big difference to a small rural school and all of us thank him for his kindness and generosity.

CHALLENGE – February 2017

What a Blessing February 2017 has been… I have rediscovered that people are inherent Good - In fact, AWESOME! As you are aware a Challenge was put forward by one of our good friends….and we managed with all your support to meet the Challenge and raised R37, 950.00! The total amount of R72, 950.00 will go a long way towards Educating, feeding and transporting the children daily, extending my office,