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The Easter celebration was very much enjoyed by the children - and the teachers too because the kids were having such fun.

The Easter Story was read by the volunteers who always do this so the children know why Easter is celebrated.

After that it's fun time.


The Harold Porter Botanical Gardens in Betty's Bay have donated a water tank to the school. This is a wonderful gift because for two years now the vegetable garden at the school has been under-utilised because we couldn't pay for water in the hot summer months. Before then the children's treat at break was a handful of baby tomatoes or a carrot or chunk of cabbage and no one refused the spinach at lunchtime because it was their spinach.


What a wonderful surprise when Jane (Harold Porter Botanical Gardens) contacted me and inquired whether we had a need for a water tank! To top it all they not only donated, they also delivered the tank to the school. It came at the right time as we have not been able to water our Veggie Garden as the cost of water has become exorbitant. The more water you use the more you pay. We Are now able to harvest the rain water for our Veggie Garden & produce fresh organic vegetables for the kids. Your contribution is much appreciated. Thank You, Thank You !!!!