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  • Grove come to school

Grove is a software company and a group of lovely people from their Cape Town office volunteered to shut up shop for the day and come and get their hands dirty in our playground. For once the chosen Friday dawned bright and clear – what luck!

  • Our new member is a little red hen named “Kakoo”.


Our new member is a little red hen named “Kakoo”.

The children love touching her and ask all sorts of questions about her. Each day one of the children is given the task of feeding Kakoo and collecting her egg. Many of the children have never seen a live chicken. They all love Kakoo !!

  • Adventures for Love

We had a visit on 14th September from Adventures for Love, a group of ladies who visit community schools and projects and tackle a job the school needs doing and can't manage alone. They also give the kids a good time and contribute non-perishable food to the feeding scheme and, in our case items for our second hand shop.